Fluidra is one of the Spanish industrial business groups with the greatest international reach.


Fluidra middle East FZE is the middle east branch for Fluidra multi-national Spanish group with headquarters in Sabadell (Barcelona), dedicated to develop applications for the sustainable use of water. The company is specialized in solutions for swimming pool / wellness, irrigation, water treatment and applied fluid handling.

Organizational structure Fluidra is one of the Spanish industrial business groups with the greatest international reach. Fluidra Middle east, supply all the range of products in GCC countries using Dubai (Jebel Ali Free Zone) as a headquarters for middle east.

Fluidra’s Industry Division supplies equipment to Fluidra Middle East and centralizes the management of production in Europe.
Fluidra dominates nine production technologies: plastic injection, plastic extrusion, fibreglass spraying, stainless steel handling, glass coating, thermoplastic blow-moulding, rubber transformation, solid chlorine production and process engineering.

Fluidra also counts with an automated logistics operator, Trace Logistics, with a surface area of 55,000 m2 and a capacity to expedite 150,000 pallets annually and make 20,000 daily box pickings.

Fluidra’s business model integrates RD&I, production and sales/marketing through its extensive international network.

Business Units

Conception, production and distribution of all components and accessories for residential pools, commercial pools and wellness centres.

Water Treatment
Solutions for the treatment of drinking or grey waters in domestic or industrial applications.

Complete and efficient irrigation systems, for agricultural and landscaping applications (commercial and residential).

Fluid Handling
Conception, manufacturing and distribution of parts necessary to carry water or an other liquid in whatever application (residential, commercial, agricultural or industrial).

Key concepts

In order to offer sustainable solutions in all our business units.

Internationalisation, key now and in the future.
Be close and aligned to the customer is essential.

Diversified product portfolio.
Always related to the sustainable use of water.

Optimising processes and looking for excellent performance.

With products available in 170 countries, serving over 32.500 clients, Fluidra has 3,600 employees and own companies and branch offices in 31 countries of all five continents


Fluidra Middle East FZE commenced activity in 1993. The operations of Fluidra Middle East geographically spans UAE, Qatar and Bahrain, Yemen, Saudi Arabia...

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Mission statement and Values

We are Water
Water is the source of life. It is a scarce and valuable resource. 70% of the surface of the Earth is covered with water w...

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Innovation and sustainability

Fluidra Middle East pays special attention to innovation and development of sustainable products and technologies. All our commercial divisions are provided...

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Water is a scarce commodity and is essential for life. Water is Fluidra’s main reason for being, the central hub of all our activities. Fluidra’s mission is...

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Press Releases

Hear about the latest update from us and keep yourself informed about new technologies in the area.

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