Fluidra’s mission is to contribute to the progress of society through the sustainable use of water.


Water is a scarce commodity and is essential for life. Water is Fluidra’s main reason for being, the central hub of all our activities. Fluidra’s mission is to contribute to the progress of society through the sustainable use of water in all its recreational, domestic and industrial applications.

Fluidra is a Spanish multinational group with head offices in Sabadell (Barcelona) that specializes in developing applications for the conservation, handling, treatment and enjoyment of water. Our activities cover the whole cycle of water in search of a neutral water balance.

The respect for water and its rational use is the basis of the group’s philosophy. For this reason, Fluidra pays special attention to the innovation and development of sustainable products and technologies.

Fluidra’s multidisciplinary Research, Development and Innovation centre (RD&I) in Polinyà (Barcelona) is improving the group’s capacity for innovation, focusing on developing solutions for each of the business units. It operates according to sustainability criteria. These include the sustainable use of resources (energy, water, materials…) during the entire life cycle of the   product, a customer-focused approach, innovative systems to provide comprehensive solutions, and a global vision, with the ability to adapt the new product to different market conditions.

The activity of Fluidra Middle East FZE is divided in four Business units related to water:

Design, production and distribution of all components and accessories for residential swimming pools, public swimming pools and wellness centres. High added value products and solutions that focus on the safety and comfort of the user, and the sustainability and optimal use of water.

Solutions for the treatment of water for domestic, commercial, agricultural and industrial applications ranging from the treatment of drinking water, the desalination of seawater or the conditioning of water for agricultural irrigation through to the treatment of feed water, process water and waste water for recycling.

Complete and efficient irrigation systems for agricultural applications, green spaces and public or residential gardens. Projecting and assessing each case until its completion, using products to regulate automatic irrigation, monitor water flow and allow or prevent water from flowing towards the different sections of the system.

Design, production and distribution of the parts necessary to transport water or other types of liquids in any application

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