The activity of Fluidra Middle East FZE is divided in Business units related to water addressing market segments.

Business Areas

The activity of Fluidra Middle East FZE is divided in four Business units related to water:

Swimming pool

Swimming pool is the Business unit dedicated to the design, production and distribution of all components and accessories for residential pools, commercial...

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It’s an organized space, services and equipments in a predetermined way, pointing to relaxing and wellbeing stay to the customer ...

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Water Treatment

This business unit offers solutions for the treatment of drinking or grey waters in domestic or industrial applications. Fluidra Middle East covers the wh...

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Fluidra Middle East FZE provides all the components needed to build comprehensive irrigation systems, whether for agricultural use, green spaces or reside...

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Fluid Handling

Design, production and distribution of the necessary parts to transport water or other types of liquids in any application (residential, commercial, agricul...

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