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Fountains and Water Features

Fluidra’s fountains provide the perfect ornamental addition to open spaces both inside and outside hotels. Their color and sound make them a great decorative feature for hotels, and some fountains even make it possible to play and interact with the water. As well as the obvious visual attraction, in harmony with both indoor and outdoor settings, they offer an opportunity to relax.

With Fluidra’s experience in fountain design stretching back to 1997, we have the background and know-how to provide ornamental fountains that enrich the landscaping. Working with internationally renowned architects, we offer fully customizable unique fountain designs.

Fountains are the ultimate ornamental solution when it comes to designing common spaces inside or outside of residential buildings or urban complexes. They enhance the beauty of the space and increase the perceived value of the property.

Fluidra fountains are an ornamental centerpiece that bring life to a mall, attracting customers not only to the fountain, but to the business around.

Their combination of water, color and sound make them an attractive and exciting feature of the mall, providing intriguing, relaxing spaces to wind down after a hard day’s shopping.