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Fluidra's remarkable experience is the result of many years working on projects. Fluidra has now consolidated a leading position as a solution provider for aquatic centres worldwide.

As a listed multinational group on the spanish stock exchange, Fluidra's financial statements are publicly available. This contributes to the group's transparency and translates as greater confidence in its financial standing.


Multidisciplinary R&D&I center that focuses on sustainable solutions


37 flexible multi-technology plants in key countries


Logistics operators to ensure fast and reliable deliveries


136 points of sale, giving support and training to the professional clients in 46 countries


Design and engineering of water projects


Preliminary Consulting

From the very first meeting, Fluidra listens to its clients so that it can satisfy their needs.It provides:

  • A feasibility study and conceptual design
  • Alternative studies
  • Cost estimates (installation & maintenance)
  • Circulation drawings

Engineering & Design

Fluidra Engineering takes charge all the tasks that make it possible to turn your project into reality.

  • Innovative technical solutions
  • Calculation & dimensioning of equipment
  • Space optimisation
  • Energy consumption control and
  • environmental compliance

Production & Distribution

Multidisciplinary R&D&I center that focuses on sustainable solutions

  • 31own production plants
  • Premium raw material
  • New generation manufacturing equipment

Project Management

Fluidra has the human resources and tools for both on-site and remote project management. Quality assurance is always our highest priority.

  • Project management
  • All-in-one project management with a single point of contact: as we are able to act as manufacturers, designers and installers, a single point of contact will cover all of your needs.

International Swimming Federations Partnerships


Fluidra is currently using BIM technology for designing, engineering and managing the execution of projects.

Benefits for clients:

  • Easy understanding of project design and real time solutions.
  • Facilitate collaborative work and interference management.
  • Powerful database that improves facility management.

  • Computational fluid dynamic

    Simulation of water dynamics in pools: allows an optimal distribution of disinfection products + avoids stagnant water.

    (Commercial Pool)

    It is a prefabricated pool made of galvanised steel panels of 1m wide, screwed together and anchored to the concrete slab, covered with liner and ceramic finishes.