Sky Pool (Galvanized Steel Panel Type Pool)

SkyPool is the AstralPool range of prefabricated pools, in panels, adaptable to existing fixed or temporary infrastructures.

The use of these completely prefabricated panels and an easy anchoring and assembly system between them, allows in record time that an in-ground or elevated pool is a reality. Hot dipping in a zinc bath provides galvanized steel panels with excellent antioxidant protection, ensuring guaranteed durability and safety.Quick and easy to fit without the need to demolish the entire pool. Using galvanized steel renovation panels, only the pool’s coping has to be demolished and a new overflow channel installed. Ceramic and non-ceramic finishes are available, and they have built-in drainage outlets. The most inexpensive solution to give your pool a new lease of life. Event organizers worldwide use Piscine Laghetto Classic technology to create large, extraordinarily strong pools in mere hours that can withstand a wide variety of uses. Custom pools are made to measure with different structural heights and colors available.

SKYPOOL SYSTEM is Fluidra patented technology for building any pool.

It is a prefabricated pool made of galvanized steel panels of 1m wide, screwed together and  anchored to the concrete slab, covered with liner and ceramic finishes. The continuity of the PVC Liner obtained by means of heat sealing guarantees a perfect impermeability against water leaks.

Skypool Renovation panels are the ideal solution for any old pools that have to be renovated and adapted to current standards and to give them a new lease of life.