Fluidra Connect

Main Applications

COMPETITION POOLSFluidra Connect ensures optimal conditions of a competition pool in terms of water treatment, filtration, lighting and heat/dehumidification systems. In addition, it can be also used for the post-event phase. SPORTS CLUB POOLS The system controls the water treatment, filtration, pool lighting, water jets and heat/dehumidification systems for all kinds of pools in a sports club. It delivers savings to the operator in terms of more efficient pool maintenance and operation. HOSPITALITY POOLSIn hotels or resorts, Fluidra Connect can control the different parameters (water treatment, filtration, lighting, water jets, heat and dehumidification systems, etc.) of hospitality pools. It also delivers significant savings to the property owner or operator, and streamlines efficiency and sustainability in operations and maintenance. It is an ideal solution to control your pool space, attract more guests, and consequently boost its economic performance. PUBLIC POOLSThe management of water treatment, filtration, lighting, water jets, pool covers, and heat and dehumidification systems at public pools is simplified with Fluidra Connect. It controls all this equipment for significant savings for pool operators. More specifically, it enhances efficiency and control in operations and maintenance, as well as ensuring excellent pool hygiene. PRIVATE, WELLNESS & OTHER POOLSFluidra Connect makes it possible to control the different parameters and elements (water treatment, pool lighting, water jets, heat and dehumidification systems, etc.) of community and wellness pools. By doing so, it provides savings to the pool operator and boosts efficiency in maintenance operations. The pool’s parameters and cleanliness are controlled and therefore can always be kept in optimal conditions. For the owners of community complexes, this new technology increases the value of the property and brings peace of mind to operators. In wellness centers, it is a great option for controlling and personalizing relaxation elements, like hydromassage water jets, and water games. 

Fluidra Connect is the smart solution that makes it possible for operators to supervise and control a pool remotely, by diagnosing, managing, and controlling the water facility from a computer screen.

This IoT technology provides real-time information about the facility, optimizing operational times and resulting in greater efficiency. 

With Fluidra Connect, operators can control many pool elements, including filtration, water treatment systems, pool lighting, irrigating systems, water jets, pool covers, and heat/dehumidification systems.